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Sports teams

Training variedly can be an important part of your development as an athlete. With alternative training alongside your sport, you can develop a versatile and strong body that will also develop you as an athlete. Alternative training is particularly beneficial for getting stronger in the muscles that support the muscles that you usually use in your sport, and not least, with the right training, you will also be able to prevent injuries to a greater extent. ​


With us you can draw up a permanent contract for your sports team or your own team. Athletes under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian to be able to train with us.

Why should you have a contract for your team?

Damage prevention

At the training center, as an athlete, you can work with injury prevention exercises, among other things, so that you as an athlete are better equipped to withstand tackles or other stresses in your sport.

Unity whatever the season

The vast majority of sports have a break during the year, where one either does not have training, or reduces the amount of training for the specific sport. At the training center you have the opportunity to maintain team cohesion by training together during their "off season".

Regardless of weather and wind...

It's no secret that living in Trøndelag can offer varying weather. If you play sports outdoors, it's always good to have an alternative when the weather is at its worst.

Other benefits...

  • Better mental health

  • Better ability to cope with stress

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Less wear and tear damage

  • Welfare benefits that help retain athletes over a longer period of time

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