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Company agreement

There are a number of health benefits from staying active, including in working life. Being active affects both mood and energy, and this is also taken into account at work. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and creates feelings of happiness. When the mood and energy are at their peak, everyday life becomes easier and the employees have a positive attitude towards both colleagues and work tasks. ​


With us, you can draw up a fixed-term contract for your company. Whether you want the employees to be able to train before, during or after work is up to you!

Why should you have a corporate agreement?

Increased well-being

If you stay active, you will also feel a greater surplus of energy. When we exercise, we release endorphins in the body, which contributes to an increased feeling of happiness. This is a clear advantage to take with you to work!

Reduced sickness absence

Good health, both mental and physical, contributes to lower sickness absence at work. Facilitating physical activity shows your employees that your company takes their health seriously.

Better cohesion and working environment

Perhaps you train together, or have an ongoing competition within the company? Whatever your goal is, it's always fun to have a goal together, and training is an excellent arena for team building!

Other benefits...

  • Better mental health

  • Better ability to cope with stress

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Less wear and tear damage Increased creativity and positivity

  • More energy and increased productivity

  • Increased loyalty to the employer

  • Welfare benefits that help retain good employees over time

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